Friday, July 27, 2012

New Furby Release Date

If you haven't already heard, Hasbro is releasing a new Furby that is much more interactive than the first one, which was discontinued back in 2000. The new Furby 2012 will be capable of much more, and you will even be able to feed your Furby with a smartphone or tablet! Many of us have had the old Furby back when we were younger, but more than 10 years have passed and these little guys have been completely redesigned. They seem to be a lot of fun and our kids of today will have the opportunity to enjoy a toy that we once played with.

Furby 2012 For Sale!

The iPhone app that will accompany the new Furby will be able to translate what the Furby is saying into English. The more you speak to it, the more English words it will be able to say. Once the Furby becomes hungry, you can use the iPhone app to flick food at the Furby to feed it. Don't worry, you'll still be able to feed it by touching the tongue. See the videos below to see how they will function. 
Photo courtesy of engadget.

The Furby 2012 release date will be this September, and they will cost $54. You will be able to buy the new Furby here once it is released, so make sure you bookmark this site and check back soon. You can even sign up for the email newsletter to be notified by email when it will be available for purchase. You'll get the newsletter as soon as it becomes available for purchase. 
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